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What you Want

Tuning: EADF#Be , capo 3rd fret

    D: x24000  G: 022000  A: 244000

Instrumental Section:
    guitar: G /// //// A /// //// D /// //// A /// //// G /// //// A /// //// 
    guitar: D /// //// A /// //// G /// ////

    guitar: D                   A                    G                A
    lyrics: What I do I say But I can't get far away Oh, I go back to A

    guitar: A            D                     A                    
    lyrics: memory again What you want But you know that I'm alive  Don't you know

    guitar: D                    A            G
    lyrics: Then I'll go back to you (what I) feel inside

Instrumental Section - Verse - Verse - Instrumental Section - Verse -  
Verse - Instrumental Section

The following is the "transitional" section at the end of the song, before  
"Soon" starts.  The whole section implies the "G" chord above, though it isn't  
actually played here:

melody line: e 
             B 8   8  10 h 12 p 10  8
             D   5