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Art Direction + Conception
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New credits

  • Steven "spscott" (discography)
  • Peter Granstrom (discography)
  • Torin Macbeth (discography)
  • Pierre Dao ('Sometimes' lyrics)
  • Mo Falkner (Lost In Transmutation)
  • Brendan Rice (Lost In Transmutation)

Credits from original site (Please send corrections)

  • Evan Olcott - the creator of the original site
  • Lincoln Palmer - who took over Evan's site
  • zeek - for having donated the space at sunshine.io.com long ago
  • Jack B Huynh - for inspiring the format of the pages you see here
  • jloughney@riasmtp.riatax.com - for the live show track lists
  • Heather Locke - for the copy of "The Story Of Creation" video
  • Brendon Macareg (?) - for additional images and essays
  • Karen L. Scott - for printed material research and delivery
  • Peter N Lindberg - for the Mondo 2000 interview
  • Heather Hastings and MichaelCBATdelphiDOTcom - for filling in the massive amount of empty spaces in the lyrics
  • Peter Knutson/troutmanATmiddDOTmiddleburyDOTedu - for "Isn't Anything" lyrics and more "Loveless" hole-filling.
  • Rob Fisher (R.D.FisherATsheffieldDOTacDOTuk) - for the rare audio clips
  • Steven Shaviro - for the "Doom Patrols" chapter
  • Mr. Keith A. Berthrong - for the Rolling Stone articles
  • Special thanks for the discography to Ludvig Borgne, Andrew Norrish, Fernando Lopez de Victoria, Jeff Birgbauer.
  • The Members of My Bloody Valentine - for inspiring all you see here

All articles and photographs on this site Copyright © their respective owners. All other text, artwork, animations Copyright © Jeff Birgbauer