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Recent Articles: 2003

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Older Articles

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Loveless NME
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Live Reviews

Live 8 Feb 1992

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Shoegazing Article

Reccomended Reading

"Manic Pop Thrill" by Rachel Feldman
An entire chapter is devoted to what she calls "miasma" bands (note : miasma in the dictionary is defined as a sort of noxious decomposed exhalation - I'm not sure she meant that), with My Bloody Valentine as the ringleader. A critical analysis of Isn't Anything is included, and very well done.

"Blissed Out" by Simon Reynolds
A book by Simon Reynolds about Shoegazing music, circa 1991. An entire chapter is devoted to My Bloody Valentine. Recommended more highly than Rachel's book.

The Creation Records Story: My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry for the Prize  
David Cavanagh
Paperback 795 pages (4 October, 2001)
Virgin Books; ISBN: 0753506459

Alan McGee and the Story of Creation Records: The Ecstasy Romance Cannot Last
  Alan McGee (Foreword), Paolo Hewitt
Paperback 208 pages (21 September, 2000)
Publisher: Mainstream Publishing; ISBN: 1840183500

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