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Other Activity

2 [unreleased]
Art Video by Michael Apted
MP2 was avaiable for download on evan's old site. i hope to add it to site soon, if i can find it on my discs

DJ Spooky - Rapper's Relight (featuring Kevin Shields)
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid - Subliminal Minded - The E.P (19 October 1999)
CD/12" US Outpost Recordings AHAON-CD-109
9. Rapper's Relight featuring Kevin Shields (7:06)

Kevin Sheilds No. 1
Kevin Sheilds No. 2
Kevin Sheilds No. 3
Exuace - Salt' with David Lang,
LA LA LA Human Step Dance Canadian Dance Company (1999)
Kevin Sheilds No. 1
Kevin Sheilds No. 2
Kevin Sheilds No. 3

Kevin Shields - Outro
Various - You Don't Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right: New Geographic Music (2002)
CD UK Geographic GEOG12CD
17. Kevin Shields - Outro (2:38)

City Girl
Are you Awake?
Lost In Translation (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (9 September 2003)
CD US Emperor Norton EMN 7068-2
CD UK Emperor Norton EMN 7068-2
CD JP V2 V2CP160
02. Kevin Shields - City Girl (3:48)
06. Kevin Shields - Goodbye (2:32)
10. Kevin Shields - Ikebana (1:38)
14. Kevin Shields - Are You Awake?(1:35)

Production and mixing work

The Impossibles - How do I get it?
CD UK Fontana (1990)
How do I get it?
Produced by Kevin Shields

if they move
If They Move, Kill 'Em (16 February 1998)
7" UK Creation CRE284
12" UK Creation CRE284T
CD5 UK Creation CRESCD284
CD JP Sony/Epic ESCA-6944
6:44 If They Move Kill 'Em (My Bloody Valentine Arkestra)*
It is apparently only available for one week and will not be elligible for the charts due to it being over 25 minutes long. Limitation of 10,000 CD, 3000 12" and 2000 7", apparently.
Xtrmntr (Exterminator) (31 January 2000)
CD UK Creation CRECD239
CD UK Creation CRECD239P [Promo only]*
CD US Astralwerks 49260 (May 2, 2000)
LP UK Creation CRELP239°
MD UK Creation CREMD239
MC UK Creation CCRE239
CD JP Epic/Sony ESCA 8106
(19 January 2000)*
02. 3:41 Accelerator *
09. 6:44 MBV Arkestra *
11. 5:19 Shoot Speed Kill Light **
* Mixed by Kevin Shields
** Mixed by Kevin Shields, produced by Tim Holmes

Evil Heat (5 August 2002)
CD/LP? UK Columbia/Sony
CD JP Sony ESCA-8169(?) or SICP144 (30 July 2002)
CD Aus Sony 5088512000 (5 Aug 2002)
01. 3:45 Deep Hit Of Morning Sun
04. -:-- Detroit
05. -:-- Rise
06. 4:05 The Lord Is My Shotgun
07. 3:28 City
09. 3:52 Skull X
Produced by Kevin Shields

The Beatings - Bad Feeling
CD UK Fantastic Plastic (14 October 2002)
01. Bad Feeling
Produced by Kevin Shields

Guest Appearances

Experimental Audio Research - Mesmerised (June 1994)
LP US Sympathy For The Record Industry
CD US Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 279
10:44 DMT Symphony (Overture To An Inhabited Zone)
26:31 Mesmerise 4901
7:20 California Nocturne
12:02 Guitar Feedback Manipulation (Only available on the CD)
Treated guitar

Experimental Audio Research - Beyond the Pale (March 1996)
LP UK Big Cat Records
CD UK Big Cat Records ABB96CD
14:55 Beyond The Pale
3:48 The Calm Before
14:01 In The Cold Light Of Day
3:40 The Calm Beyond
3:55 Dusk
7:59 The Circle Is Blue
Treated guitar

Collapsed Lung - Ballad Night (Boymerang Mix)
Collapsed Lung - Board Game (1996)
CD UK 1996 on Deceptive Records (1996)
Collapsed Lung - Ballad Night (Boymerang Mix)
Belinda Butcher provided vocals on this track

J Mascis and the Fog - More Light (24 October 2000)
CD Artemis
All The Girls
Does The Kiss Fit
Where'd You Go*
Engineered "More Light"
* also released as a single

Manic Street Preachers - Freedom Of Speech Won't Feed My Children
Manic Street Preachers - Know Your Enemy (19 March 2001)
CD UK Virgin
16. Freedom Of Speech Won't Feed My Children
Kevin played guitar and is uncredited.

Curve - Perish
Curve - Want More Need less
CD Perish/Want More Need less (28 October 2002)
Want More need Less
Kevin Shields additional guitar

Curve - Gift
CD UK Artful (24 June 2002)
CD US 18 September 2001
03. Perish
04. Want More need Less
Kevin Shields additional guitar

Joy Zipper -American Whip [unreleased, 2003]
US UK 13 Amp
Kevin Shields produced this

Joy Zipper - American Whip (?? 2004)
US UK 13 Amp
Kevin Shields produced this

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