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Box Set details

(ED: written by the source not me)

If all goes well,the following will be part of the anthology (2 boxes combined + DVD) plus other interesting information:

Box 1:
This is your Bloody Valentine
Geek E.P
The new record by....
Sunny Sundae Smile E.P
Strawberry Wine E.P
Ecstacy E.P
Live 1984-87 (double CD)

This box will most likely be limited to a few thousand only, due to the lack of real interest apart from the hardcore devotee's Live 84-87 will consist of the best performances from the pre-glide guitar era(sic) Through-out MBV's lifetime,Kev always personally made sure each & every show was recorded via soundboard. All tracks are currently being digitally remastered

Box 2:
You made me realise E.P+ out-takes
Feed me with your kiss E.P + out-takes
Is'nt anything "the alternate versions" + out-takes
Glider E.P + out-takes
Tremolo E.P + out-takes
Loveless "the alternate versions" + out-takes
Live 1987-92 (4 CD)

Live 87-92 will be a triple CD full of the best versions as far as Kev is concerned when it comes to the live stuff. Kev personally made sure each show was recorded via soundboard...............so he's got a shit-load of material to sift through. All tracks are currently being digitally remastered

All the music videos Combination of3 live shows mixed into one Various TV interviews Homemade camcorder footage

DVD is going to be interesting First it was going to be in the vein of Nirvana's "Live tonight sold out",which combined live footage with homemade camcorder fun,mixed with the videos & interviews. That idea has been scraped because,er,well...it's DVD!!!you can have each under it own menu.

Some other info:

There are 3 Pro-taped live shows in existence. All the rest are dead certs apart from maybe the homemade camcorder stuff (an idea during a late night drinking session)

I'm not gonna go out on a wim & give a release date....possibly late 05 or early 06

As hoped by many fans & critics,the94/95post-Loveless sessions will neverbe released!.......... not while Kev is alive anyway. He never was happy with the out-come!

I'd also like to add that MBV are not back together working in the studio! Yes Kev has been in Berlin, Yes he's been tweaking the Glider E.P out-takes for this anthology release.

My Bloody Valentine belong in the late 80's/ early 90's,Kev knows that.....and he wants them to stay there

(ED: you can stop drooling now)

Source: a very reliable source