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To Here Knows When

Your fear
Your red button
Falls from my mouth

Your dress
Over your head
It's been so long

On top
Because that way
You touch her too

Your head
Come back again
To here knows when


I want
To know
Your (all)
Now I

Swallow, swallow (love)
I close my mouth
Swallow, swallow (love)
Into my mouth

The door
I want
You more
You can
Crawl down

Coming down

Honey Power

Change my mouth
Here with your tongue
Your body soft
Over there where you're laying down

Hold my flower
Here and (you will now)
Sure you did from appearing smile

Ooh, bloom
I drink to you
Feel you come
High enough 'till you're sleeping and...

Take my flower
Touch before I die
Over you
Then we'll sleep for another hour

Moon Song

Hold me close
I hate you the most
When you are the only one
(Never could) forgotten one
I can hear you dear
I wish that I was never born
When you are the only one

You come to me
(Thoughts and) I can't see
You're never real, you're pretend to me
When I'm with you
I don't know what to do
Don't come back soon, I don't want you to
When you are the only one

Hold my hand
But understand
You are the hated one
And you are the only one
You can look
And you can touch
That's why it's never fun
When you are the only one

If they could see
What you have done to me
You will not be the only one
You come back soon
Breaking up the room
And soon you'll be the forgotten one
And to her the only one
Only one
Now you'll be forgotten one

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