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Feed Me With Your Kiss

Feed Me With Your Kiss

Yeah, (can you get) what you see
But you can't have what you can't

Hey, what's come down over me
It's the way you stood, it's the way you stood

'Cause things the way they are
I guess you might go real far
So feed me with your kiss

Oh, come lie down close to me
Do what you dare, oh I don't care

I will get what I can see
I'll crawl over there, I'll crawl over there

(Spread me like a) (appeal to you)
I do what I do I do what I will do

Crave, your kiss will set you free
I'll do what I should, I'll do what I should

I Believe

Oh can't you see that I believe
Crawl around and kiss the ground
Oh come back come back come back

Come back with me
And I'll show you that I really believe
Come over me
Where I bleed I bleed I bleed

Hold my hand up I will be good
Oh you know what I need
Hold me down (don't) ???
Take me take me take me

Oh can't you see
I believe I believe I believe
Oh bury me bury bury bury me

Come with me and I'll come with you
Oh, I'll do whatever you will do
Play with me and I'll play with you
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Emptiness Inside

See the emptiness inside
Bad thoughts I can't ever hide
Oh, something's gonna be done
Look out look out
v This shit, your stupid deeds done
Have reasons, yeah I've got some
Oh, your pain will be my fun
Look out look out

So, it ends up all the same
Well I still know your name
Oh, won't hear no sound
Look out look out
I'm coming around

I Need No Trust

Greed seed
It comes through me
Fall fall I'm coming down
(Go inside) and close your eyes
It's just a fool's crown

Sleep deep now
I'll come in anyhow
Love love I need your love
Lust lust I need no trust

Greed seed
It comes through me
Love love I need your love
Lust lust I need no trust
It's just a fool's crown

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