Author Topic: Is it just not possible to get Loveless on vinyl without paying crazy money...  (Read 10057 times)

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Oh right - I never saw that one well I'll put in in what u want and see if they respond - if not its yours.

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So nobody knows if this is any good or not? I'm not going to pay £100 for Loveless, so I might give this one a go after I try to do a bit of research on it.

Unless there are any other ideas? I've been rediscovering Isn't Anything, and fancy aLoveless  splurge before Hop Farm   :smiley:

Ok- I bought this thing: just arrived today and listening to it now:

Totally fine! Sounds great, actually. God knows what it actually is: surely not an original, but at least it's a copy of loveless on vinyl that doesn't jump at the start of to here knows when or during the first line of when you sleep  :grin:

EDIT: did a test with isn't anything, and it's a bit quieter- the actual sound is pretty good, though, definitely happy with that, it's easy enough to compensate with volume...
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Does it sound like a cd transfer? I had the 2003 Plain Recordings reissue which was so bad I had to sell it. (Luckily, people are paying top dollar and I made a $50 dollar profit off a record I bought for $16 back in 2004.) That reissue lacked a lot of low end that 24bit vinyl transfers of the album proved are there in the recording. Also, it sounded more compressed.

I have an original Creation Isn't Anything in near mint condition which I bought recently for $40 off EBay, and it sounds absolutely wonderful. Totally worth the money.

But I'm in the same boat as many others here, it seems, because I want a nice original copy of Loveless without spending an arm and a leg.

Any word on when the remastered Loveless will be available on vinyl?


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Any word on when the remastered Loveless will be available on vinyl?
hahahahahaahahahaha. deeeeewwwwwwddddddd.

anyone have any thoughts to share on the german boot, not particularly fussed about the artwork but just want a relatively clean pressing. I would buy it myself but new shipping costs from europe/us to aus are just astronomical, no way in hell I'll be able to afford it.


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I am a complete vinyl nerd, these are the versions of Loveless I own:

German bootleg, which actually sounds pretty good for the price, I'd say it was ripped from a DAT file. Certainly a lot better than the plain pressing.

Plain Pressing, coloured vinyl, only a 1000 made.. I paid way over the odds for this and I feel like a complete idiot for doing so, this was back before I knew anything about vinyl and pressings, so I let myself off. If anything the packaging is pretty neat and the record itself is kinda cool. Still nice to have as a collectors item.

2 x copies of the original Creation Pressings, both in top condition.. I paid silly money for both of them.. in fact I bought one, and it didn't arrive initially then I bought another one because I got impatient.. alas both turned up, with the latter being the finest copy I own of the album. Sleeve looks near flawless, and the record is superb also. I spent 200 pounds on both of them, which is completely fucking stupid but I had a steady disposable income back then and it seemed worth it, which I think it is.

But anyway, the moral of the story is, definitely stretch if you can to get the original pressing, because while its not amazing in the grand scheme of things (compared to other vinyl from the time), at least it is a decent, authorised pressing of the album.

Now we all wait for those analogue cuts Kevin has been promising, holy shit that would be incredible.
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