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just wanted to post this somewhere:

Whoever's responsible for that Spotify playlist didn't give a single fuck to double check the last track and whether or not it's by the mbv-Kevin Shields lol
Yep that's Colm's track, odd choice to represent Kevin's first solo gig!

I doubt it will be a DJ set, I remember back in the early noughties Kevin told me he tried DJing in Barcelona and couldn't do it properly. My guess is it will be something along the lines of the Coral Sea without Patti Smith. Incidentally, I will be in Wicklow tomorrow which is where Colm is from, anybody got anything they want to ask should I bump into him there? Going to check out Killiney too ;)
lol at choosing Touched to represent MBV. That's Colm solo, right?

The playlist on this page has 'Bless You' credited to Kevin Shields, is this a new track or something?

Edit:false alarm it's that band 'Kevin Shields'.
Here we go again. Waiting for further confirmation. Don't trust this bio even though I really want to
Hello people, this sounds promising. I keep hearing drops about the remasters too. It's time again .. it's time
I can confirm hes still working on remasters. I talked with debbie briefly after a thurston moore band gig
Would be nice. I'd almost have activity rather than infrequent hints. I'm still wondering why the represses have taken so long
10 here it is

God I hope this is finally it.
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